Tony Romo’s lawsuit against the NFL


In June of 2015, quarterback Tony Romo announced that the NFL has canceled his fantasy football in Las Vegas. He stated that it was, “A Very disappointing move”. It was disappointing because Romo believed he had put together something that was going to be a great opportunity for fans to meet with some players in the NFL. The NFL did not see it that way. Romo thought he was in the right and took measures to ensure the convention would be a resounding success, but failed to recognize that in the process the NFL had issues with the venue. He went on to state that it’s disappointing for fans who got tickets, booked hotels and spent their hard earned money to attend the event.

The Event was to host some rather big-name players such as Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles, Demarco Murray and Eddie Lacy.

The NFL allegedly threatened the players with fines, and suspension if they were to attend the event. The NFL has denied this. Tony Romo Called out the NFL saying that the league’s decision to announce canceling the event at the last minute was, “very troublesome” and put into questions its act of keeping players from participating in the event.

Romo will move his Fantasy Football event to Los Angles, and is set to occur in July of 2016

“The NFL’s Summer of Law, 2015 edition, included a claim from Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo that the NFL improperly shut down a fantasy football convention in Las Vegas, over concerns that the event was being held on property owned by a casino. (Meanwhile, the NFL currently is allowing the Raiders to openly flirt with the owner of the same casino regarding the possibility of building a stadium there.)

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the two sides head to court on Monday for a hearing on the NFL’s motion for summary judgment. The source says that Romo’s venture, the National Fantasy Football Convention, plans to amend its lawsuit to state additional specific claims against the NFL.” – Reported by Mike Florio

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