Romo thinking of getting a collarbone plate


Tony Romo is clearly not ready to give up on the NFL, and the Cowboys not ready to give up on Romo. The veteran quarterback may lean towards having a collarbone plate inserted to strengthen the bone, and keep it strong enough to continue his career. No decisions have been made as to if they this will be done, but is a likely solution.


“The Dallas Cowboys quarterback told NFL Media’s Desmond Purnell on Saturday he is “leaning toward” getting a plate inserted to reinforce his collarbone, but won’t make a decision until after a scan.”

“We’re going to have the CT scan next week and go from there,” Romo said. “Most likely I’m leaning towards getting the plate. We’ll see though how strong it is. Really if it’s as strong as we want then we won’t do anything, but I think we’re leaning towards the plate. Not very invasive. Not a very big thing.” – Reported by Kevin Patra

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