No Tag For Doug Martin


Tampa, not using any tags on Doug Martin, shouldn’t come as any surprise, we all knew this was coming. Now it seems, Martin will test the free agency pool. However, talks of contract still linger on the tips of both parties tongues. But, remains unlikely that Tampa and Martin will come to terms before the start of free agency.


Doug Martin had the production of a top NFL running back, last season, rushing for 1,402 yards and helping to take the pressure off Jameis Winston. But the fact that he has inconsistencies in his work history, the money he is asking for might be more than the Bucs are willing to fork over. He will likely hit the free agency in search of the money he wants, but could be faced with a harsh reality. Teams have the cash to spend but have learned from other teams mistakes when it comes to dishing out high dollars for a feature back only to have them not produce.