Brandon Marshall wants Fitzpatrick to stay


The future of Fitzpatrick as a New York Jets QB is still uncertain. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall does not want the free agent QB to go. In an interview, the veteran WR made this statement, “What we had and what we have is hard to create. It took us almost a year to do that — well, six months to do that. Most of the time, it takes guys a couple of years. We feel like we’re really close. We have a great defense. We have a consistent offense. We have great coaches. All we need to do now is continue to get more reps with the same guys. The way we communicate, the way we practice together, the way we bring other guys together, I’ve never seen that anywhere else,” Marshall said, “and I’ve been a lot of places and I’ve had a lot of quarterbacks.”

Fitzpatrick and the Jets still cannot reach a contract agreement, and it should be noted that The Jets have offered little better than the three-year, $21 million contract Chase Daniels had received from the Eagles. Even Sam Bradford was given two years at $18 million for each season. There are a few teams out there that still need QB’s, and Fitz’ fits their criteria. With all the teams hungering after a virtually out of reach Colin Kaepernick, why not go after someone proven?