Jake Plummer pushes for CBD in the NFL


Jake Plummer pushes for the NFL to research the benefits of CBD oil. Plummer recently admitted that he toyed with the idea of returning to the Denver Broncos, who desperately need a starting QB. Yes, they have Mark Sanchez, but I think Plummer who hasn’t played in over ten years could easily win that starting battle. Plummer said that he feels very good and owes that to the CBD oil, so good in fact that returning to football had crossed his mind. “I’m 41 and the Broncos need a new quarterback. I’m not thinking about it, but the thought crossed my mind because my body feels great after playing for 10 years in the league and being retired. I owe a lot of that to CBD and what it’s done for me.”


Jake “The Snake” Plummer is among several NFL players who strongly believe that CBD can help current, and former NFL players deal with the effects of the sport. Plummer has publically asked league officials, and the Players Association to change their policies towards Marijuana, and to create a way for it to be used medicinally, not recreationally.


Jake Plummer along with another player are trying to bring about funding for an initiative sponsored by Realm of Caring, who are a non-profit advocacy group that focuses on researching the medical purposes of Cannabis. The initiative “When the Bright Lights Fade” is an attempt to merge Johns Hopkins University and Realm of Caring for a study on whether CDB can be used to prevent CTE. The NFL earlier admitted that CTE is directly related to concussions.


For More Information on Realm of Caring please check out their Homepage: Realm of Caring