Robert Ayers is here to sack quarterbacks


Tampa has not had a defensive player achieve double-digit sacks since Simeon Rice. That’s over 10 seasons and in 2005, Simeon Rice had 14 sacks. The newly signed defensive end, Robert Ayers hopes to change that fact. “Nine and a half sacks in 12 games is pretty impressive, and if you really study my film, you’ll see I could have had a lot more. It takes a lot to get those sacks. Ayers was limited to playing time due to a hamstring injury last season but was still able to accomplish eight sacks in his final seven games. That’s a significant stat.


Ayers will be motivated to show his capabilities with Tampa next season, and feels he can be the one to break double digit sacks in 2016.” I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I feel it’s going to be me. That’s the way I approach the game. That’s the way I feel about myself. I feel I can compete with anyone every year. I go in wanting to win and wanting to be the best player. That’s never going to change.”


Robert Ayers visited with the Jacksonville Jaguars and said yes money was a factor but saw a better fit and saw opportunity in Tampa. “It’s all about opportunity. Everybody wants to get paid. I’d be lying if I said the money didn’t matter. For me, I want to be a great player, and in this league, you have to be in the right system. You can take more money and go somewhere where you’re asked to do things you’re not good at. I wanted to be in a situation with a staff that understands what they’re getting and that’s going to utilize me. I think they’re going to allow me to do the things I do well.”


Ayers also mentioned that part of the reason he wanted to come to Tampa was he would have the chance to play with some talented teammates. “McCoy is a guy that I’ve studied a lot, watched a lot. He’s a tremendous player, one of the best players in the league. Then they have Lavonte David and the young rookie linebacker (Kwon Alexander). They’ve got DBs and Jameis Winston, to be honest with you. In this league, you can’t win without a quarterback. With him, I see a guy that can make that Cam Newton type of rise, and can be a star in this league.”

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