Dirk Koetter says he’s a fan of Mike Glennon


Dirk Koetter goes on record saying that he thinks Mike Glennon is a starter in the NFL and that he is a fan of Glennon. “I’m on record saying that I think Mike Glennon is a starter in the NFL. I’m a huge Mike Glennon fan.” Buccaneers head coach also went on to say that he wants Glennon on the team but has faith that if he were to leave that Ryan Griffin could step up in Glennon’s place. “I’d love to have Glennon on our football team. But it’s a business, and if something happens that he’s not with us, well, that’s why we acquired Ryan Griffin last year. “Ryan is a guy who has a chance to be an ascending player at quarterback, but there is a little bit of an unknown because he hasn’t played much other than some preseason games in New Orleans. That’s what’s hard about developing young quarterbacks today and young backup quarterback, especially. Jameis played every snap last year. And once you get out of preseason, those guys don’t get much chance to play. But we are excited about Griff. It’s just that there are still some unknowns.”

HC of the Buccaneers also went on to acknowledge the fact that rival teams have expressed an interest in trading for Mike Glennon. “It’s out there. We’re just going to have to see how it all plays out. But, if the right opportunity presents itself Jason is going to have to make a decision. I feel very, very fortunate to have Mike on our roster. I feel like we have two starting quarterbacks. And really I’d love to have him on our team for a very long time. but most quarterbacks are very competitive and they want a chance to get their own starting role somewhere. But I’m not just going to give Mike Glennon away either.”