Broncos set sights on another QB.


The Denver Broncos need a quarterback, and they need one now. But is seeking a trade with the Cleveland Browns for Josh McCown, maybe jumping the gun a little too quickly? Having only Mark Sanchez on deck, the urgency to fill that number one quarterback spot is obvious. But, McCown? Not too sure that he or Sanchez, fit the bill when it comes to leading the Super Bowl Champs to another Super Bowl.

Maybe that thought has already left the Broncos collective mind.

Denver had their eyes glued on a potential candidate for helmsmen, and has already tried to work out a trade to get San Fran’s QB, Colin Kaepernick, but an agreement seems to be light years apart. On top of that, it seems that Kaep would have to take a pretty large pay cut just to fit under Denver’s cap.

Now, they’ve turned their sights on Cleveland’s former starting QB, Josh McCown. McCown threw for 2,109 yards, and 12 touchdowns, and managed only four interceptions in just eight starts, last season. Not too shabby for the 36-year-old interception prone, career backup. Reports are coming in that the Broncos had also spoken with RGIII, prior to his signing with the Browns, and even felt desperate enough to have contacted Johnny Manziel.

Broncos will still be on the hunt for another QB, and will continue to search every available possibility, but some of these possibilities are slim to none. Ryan Fitzpatrick wants more money than Denver has to spend, and that goes for Tyrod Taylor, as well. But in all likelihood, I expect the Broncos to move forward with their pursuit of McCown. Expect it to happen in the next seven days.