Pat’s fans sue the NFL for fraud.



Some die-hard Pat’s fans grouped together in an effort to overturn the team’s punishment for the infamous Deflategate. In a ruling, the Patriots were stripped of their first-round pick. The ruling was made, based on the belief that the team improperly deflated footballs in the 2015 AFC Championship game against the Colts.

Fans stance of the ruling is, “Why should the team be punished when the case is in appeals?” Mike Dimauro, one of the plaintiffs stated, “That’s not fair, you know. We gotta think long-term here.

Roger Goodell and the Patriots owner Robert Kraft, also find their names in the suit.

The suit complains that the league and Goodell relied on false premises and biased investigations in handing down the Pat’s punishment, which includes a $1 million fine and a four-game suspension for Tom Brady. Brady’s suspension remains on appeal. The suit also criticizes Kraft for not fighting the league’s punishment harder than he did. It cites that Kraft had remedies to attempt to get plaintiffs’ draft pick returned, but chose fellow billionaire owners above the plaintiffs and fellow fans.

Die-hard fan, Mike Dimauro said he lost sleep and cannot bare to follow his team. “It’s too bothersome and it leaves a big hole in my heart.”

Patriots fans can relate as when hearing of this suit, wished to get their names on it. As another die-hard, Pat’s fan stated, “When I saw it, I wanted to actually say,’ Can I add my name to that lawsuit?'”

It takes a die-hard fan to feel they have to take matters into their own hands and believe, in order, to get things done they have to take the matter to the Federal Courts.

“We didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Attorney Seth T. Carey, who filed the suit on the behalf of the fan’s had this to say, “Letting the powerful oppress us when we’ve done nothing wrong is about as un-American as it gets. That attitude is the polar opposite of what the real Patriots fought and died for on the very ground that NFL owners sit while they rake in billions of dollars from us fans.”

The suit will likely not travel far into the court system, and will in all respects draw ridicule from other cities and other teams in the NFL, but I personally believe every team should have die-hard fans like this, it’s why teams used to play, now it seems like it’s all about the money.