The CFL and the NFL create joint officiating development program.


The CFL and the NFL made an announcement that there will be the creation of a joint officiating development program.

Starting this summer, a group of officials will have the chance to work as part of the CFL officiating crew during the preseason and regular season games. As part of the program, the CFL will have several officials also join the NFL’s Official Development program that will add to the list of officiating candidates. NFL senior VP of officiating believes that the program will add strength to the current list of officials and create more available officiating talent. The NFL’s VP of Officiaiting stated, “Anytime our newer officials can get more reps on the field, during practices or games, that will make them better officials. The collaboration with the CFL will certainly benefit us as we prepare for the 2016 season and we look forward to welcoming our CFL officiating counterparts to our development program later this spring.”


The NFL noted that the NFL refs participating inCFL games will only serve as field and side judges, in order to prevent any mix up in rule differences between the leagues.

The partnership is the right step towards the developing NFL refereeing and is much-needed in order to ensure correct officiating through the National Football League’s pre, regular, and post seasons.