Carson Wentz impresses new Eagles headcoach


Carson Wentz was the Eagles No.2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, he participated in his first practice over the weekend, and is already impressing the Eagles new HC Doug Pederson.”I thought he did an outstanding job at the terminology of the offense, meaning he had no huddle issues spitting out the plays. Very athletic in person on run-pass options. Strong arm, no issues with any throw, sees the field well. He is a smart kid knows protection.”

Wentz Showed off his arm strength and ability to make strong accurate throws on the run, however, there was no simulated pass rushing during any of  the drills, but he showed what could be, a sneak peek at the Eagles future.

Now, Wentz will face a difficult test in handling a practice that consists of a full roster that will include the veteran QB Sam Bradford. There will obviously be some animosity towards the rookie, from Bradford, as the veteran immediately called for a trade after the Eagles selected Wentz.