Buccaneers will need Jameis to refine his mechanics.


The Buccaneers will likely be a team that will look to capitalize on the long passing attack, as they will want to be overall aggressive as an offensive team. Jameis Winston struggled, his rookie season, in allowing his receivers to make the big play downfield, but there were moments he aired it out, this season will be different. Winston will have a chance to work on his mechanics, and maximize the potential of his throwing skills. Jameis got his body in shape over the offseason, and his mental capacity for the game of football is already in shape, but now, in his second season, he will have to put the two together with the refinement of his mechanics, in order to achieve the deep passing game HC Koetter will be wanting to achieve. The fact that he already teamed up with WR Mike Evans, this offseason shows he’s already working on chemistry, and that’s another big step, in the right direction.