Veteran WR’s protest team’s decision to not re-sign their QB.


Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall were no shows for another voluntary practice. They are skipping practice to send a message that they are fed up with the Jets for not re-signing their QB. However, rumors are coming out that the Jets will likely bring back the Fitzpatrick some time in the next few weeks, but until that happens, both Marshall and Decker will stay away. Jets do three QB’s, but Geno Smith will not be able to take the Jets to the postseason, and Bryce Petty is showing improvement but is also nowhere near ready to take the team to the postseason. As for the 2nd round pick, Christian Hackenberg, he still has a long way to go.

Fitzpatrick is not the best QB in the league but he is the Jets best chance for success. He is far superior to any other pass on the roster, and how he played last year is plenty of proof. The success of the Jet, for the 2016 season, rest solely on the re-signing of Fitzpatrick. The protest by the Jets veteran WR’s should open the organization’s eyes a little, at leats the WR’s hope so.