The NFL’s official Twitter account was hacked.


It has been confirmed that yesterday the NFL’s Twitter account was hacked. The hacker posted a tweet stating that NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell has passed away.


Goodell of course, is not dead but is alive and kicking. The commissioner has been under the gun recently, with decisions he’s made pertaining to domestic violence issues in the league, and of course, the Tom Brady debacle, possibly leading to the cause of the account being hacked. The message about Goodell’s passion was deleted pretty fast, but not before it had over 2,000 retweets. The hacker continued to mess around with the account, by sending more and more tweets in mockery of the NFL. One of the NFL’s Twitter account handlers has stated that they have posted hundreds of newer tweets, but none of the new tweets will load to the Twitter account, meaning the hacker is still messing with the account.

The NFL released a statement, yesterday, that they have contacted the proper law enforcement to look into the matter, and are attempting to strengthen their cyber-security. A hacker group called the Peggle Crew has claimed responsibility for hacking the account and said that they received the Twitter password by hacking the email account of an employee who maintains the NFL’s social media.

Commissioner Goodell had a good laugh as he joked about the tweet of his passing on his own Twitter account.