PFF once said Tampa was one of the most improved teams in the NFC South/ NFL. They gave our free agency acquisitions a high grade of B-. They said the key additions to the Buccaneers team were J.R. Sweezy, Robert Ayers, Daryl Smith, Brent Grimes, and Josh Robinson. They state Tampa’s defense is among the most improved in the NFL, as well. PFF also seemed to like Doug Martin, and Charles Sims, saying that they were the best running back duo in the game.

 But since, then it seems, they’ve talked down about the Bucs more than up. Pro Football Focus doesn’t like Tampa’s chances this season and cites the fact that they were tied for the third worst team in the NFC.
“The Buccaneers were tied for the third-worst record in the NFC in 2015. While they made some improvements to the roster, it might not be enough to concoct a playoff run. On defense, they added Robert Ayers at defensive end and Brent Grimes at cornerback, but both are in their early 30s and potentially past their prime. They doubled up at those positions with defensive end Noah Spence and cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III in the draft. The Bucs need all four to make an impact for the defense to be even above average. On offense, their only big change was moving from Logan Mankins to J.R. Sweezy at left guard. The Buccaneers have the skill players to put a successful attack on the field, but the O-line will likely hold them back.”
They said our corners were one of the most improved positions in the NFL and then turn around to say that it won’t be enough. Not only do they lack faith in our offensive line and our new additions to the defense, they claim we will only have a 5-11 record in 2016. That’s a far cry from once saying we were the most improved team in the league. I have to ask the question, how the F does that make sense? They gave our draft, this year a grade of B-, and state we made some stellar moves this off-season. Then they commence to bash us for drafting Robert Aguayo in the second round, calling that the second worst move made by a team this off-season.
The indecisiveness leads me to believe that once we start winning, our bandwagon will be overfilled with PFF features that say I told you Tampa was going to be a great team.