Jameis Winston Will Have More Responsibility


HC Dirk Koetter did not force Jameis Winston into any overwhelming situations, last season, and for good reason. Koetter has been around first round QBs who were forced into tough situations and watched them as they got overwhelmed, and has seen how long it takes a rookie QB to recover. Now, as he’s seen the progression Jameis has made, will put a lot more on the second year QB’s plate.

“Jameis is a good communicator at the line, good at the no-huddle, studies like a wild man, and that’s what we love about him. I trust my judgment and I trust the judgment of our coaches. We’re around Jameis every day, and we know what he’s capable of.”

The Buccaneers will run more no-huddle in 2016, and Koetter will allow Jameis more options on the line, so he may call more audibles that will allow him to choose the plays he likes. By pacing Jameis last year, Koetter has seen a quick maturing of the QB and will give him more authority at the line of scrimmage.