Drew Brees believes he has several years left in him.


DrewBrees_2014_3Drew Brees believes he will remain a Saints QB until the day he retires, but doesn’t believe retirement will be anytime soon. He also believes he will get a contract extension. “I feel like I’ve got quite a few good years left. I got one year left on the contract, but whether you have a one-year contract or a five-year contract, you’ve still got to prove it every year. Even if you’re locked into a long-term deal, they can get rid of you at any time, so that’s my mindsetI’ve been through that a few times, so you know that the contract extension will happen when it’s supposed to happen. There’s so much that goes into an offseason. You’re signing free agents, you’re signing rookies, you’re going through the draft process. Now as we get ready for training camp, I obviously, I see myself in New Orleans for the rest of my career.”


Brees said he wouldn’t ask for a newer deal during the season, but earlier the Saints reported that they are willing to allow Brees to play out rest of contract because of the amount of money it would cost for them to sign him to a contract extension, so right now contract talks will be at standstill. According to some sources, Brees could be looking at a new four-year $98 million contract with close to $70 million in guarantees.


Brees is 37 years old and while he is aging his play is still stellar. He completed only 63% of his passes in 2015, but threw for 4,870 yards and 32 touchdowns and is considered the 6th best QB in the NFL. Brees should remain a Saints QB and will likely get that new four-year contract.