Ricky Williams to open Power Plant Fitness, a pot-friendly gym.


XnkHNikbFormer NFL star running back Ricky Williams is a known advocate of marijuana and is an advocate of medicinal marijuana use for professional athletes. Williams joined with fellow advocate and snowboard company executive and creator of the 420 games, Jim McAlpine to open a Gym in San Francisco that only allows members with a medical marijuana prescription, to join. The gym will be the first of its kind that allows members to smoke marijuana while in the gym. They will offer pot-infused edibles and other variations, to those who do not like smoking. With California on the verge of a possible legalization of recreational use, the Gym will be opened to all. The gym is set to be opened sometime this fall, and the owners have expressed that this gym will not be a place where you can come to smoke pot and screw around its a place to focus on training. Many believe that smoking marijuana before or during a workout can help some people reach their fitness goals, that smoking marijuana responsibly does not make you lazy in the gym but actually can help you train smarter and focus on form.



Members who join the club will not be allowed to smoke while working out until they complete a cannabis performance assessment that evaluates their tolerance in order to keep people from injury.