The NFL plans to R.F.I.D. Chip game balls.


5b2e37481cf2ddc3201123ddbf6c2537The NFL has already R.F.I.D. chipped game officials.  According to a Chicago Tribune article from 2 years ago, The NFL has already placed R.F.I.D. chips in shoulder pads of players.

Now, according to ESPN and the Toronto Sun, the NFL plans to insert data chips into game balls, during the 2016 preseason and Thursday night regular season games. The data collected could be used in deciding some major changes in al aspects of the game, come 2017. 

All the teams in theLeague are aware of the NFL’s plans to use this chip and that sparked some commentary from veteran quarterbacks, who made it clear that they do not want the chip’s weight to change the aerodynamics of the football in any way that it could ultimately affect their throwing.

The NFL admitted that is had, for some time, kicked around the idea of using chips in game balls to help exactify the science of ball placement. For years ball placement was determined by an official where they believed the runner was ruled down, if the chip works, there will be an exact GPS location.