Young Bucs: written by teen Bucs fans


Written by, D. Cortez (age 13)

I feel like next week might be our hardest preseason game because to start off, the game the Jags will be using Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson, two very tall wide receivers. We don’t have very tall corners. So, it’s going to be hard to start off the game.

Then on defense, the Jags have Dante Fowler Jr. a guy that’s supposed to be a beast; but hasn’t played because of injuries.

If the Bucs start as they started against the Eagles, it’s gonna be a struggle. So, let’s hope we got all the rust off us.

Mike Glennon needs to improve his game, or else, he might get traded, or moved to third string because Ryan Griffin looked better than him.

Hopefully, we play well. Let’s make this preseason 1-1 go Bucs!