Rams return to L.A. with record crowd



Los Angeles was host to an NFL game for the first time since 1994 and they did so in grand fashion as they had 89,140 in attendance according to nfl.com. The home fans were not disappointed as they saw their team come back from a 24-7 deficit and defeat the Dallas Cowboys 28-24. This number sets a U.S. preseason record and shows that the move from St. Louis will be profitable.  The NFL had been out of one of the largest markets for 22 years so it looks as if professional football was missed in Los Angeles.

In 2019 when the new stadium will open it should be the crown jewel of all NFL stadiums with an estimated price tag of $2.6 billion. Until then the Rams will be playing in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum an old site that was used in the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics and is currently used by the USC Trojans football team.


While it is an old stadium it looks like they will have little trouble selling tickets and having a full stadium on NFL Sundays. While it is unfortunate the Rams left St. Louis and their loyal fans it looks like the Rams are in good shape in Los Angeles.