Who will step up at WR?


davisWith all the talk about the Bucs defense and Jameis Winston this preseason, there are still questions at the WR spot.
With the top three spots solidified with the veteran presence of Vincent Jackson, and Mike Evans turning into the go-to guy, plus Adam Humphries stepping up into the #3 spot, the rest of the list is still seemingly wide open.
Donteea Dye has played well on special teams but dropped a couple easy ones last week against Jacksonville. He seems ready to step up but two more preseason games should give us a definitive answer. Dye should at least earn the KR spot.
BellJaxThen there’s Kenny Bell who, after fumbling the kickoff against the Eagles, has seemingly disappeared. Word is he’ll be lucky to make the team,
Move on to Evan Spencer and Jonathan Krause. Spencer has the longest catch so far in the preseason. Krause has also proven worthy in the Jacksonville game. It’s still too early to tell with both of them, though they have played well on special teams.
Louis Murphy will also be returning as a veteran presence, though we haven’t seen him this preseason due to injury.
Andre Davis is also making a name for himself to be a possible #5.
Russell Shepard is also in the mix as he has a TD catch in the preseason as well as a KR.
All have caught passes but we need to see more consistency from all above mentioned.
With two more preseason games, who will step up to become the rest of the receiving corps?