Buccaneers take on Redskins in preseason finale.


In The final week of preseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off against the Washington Redskins. Through the first 3 games, the Buccaneers are ranked 6th in total offense with 355.6 YPG. Ranked 2nd in passing with 267.3 YPG and 22nd in rushing with just 88.3 YPG. On the other side of the ball, the defense is ranked 2nd overall in yards allowed at 216.7 YPG. Ranked 2nd in passing yards allowed with just 132 YPG and 5th in rushing yards allowing only 84.0 YPG. The quarterbacks have combined for 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions with Jameis Winston accounting for 4 of the touchdowns and 1 interception in the limited time he’s been on the field. 

The Redskins are ranked 25th in total offense with 299.4 YPG. Ranked 17th in passing with 205.7 YPG and 19th in rushing with 93.7 YPG. On the defensive side, they are ranked 28th in total yards allowed with 356.3 YPG. They are ranked near the bottom in passing yards allowed with 270.3 YPG and 8th in rushing yards allowed with 86.0 YPG. The redskins quarterbacks have combined for 7 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions. Kirk Cousins has accounted for 3 of the touchdowns and just 1 interception. According to the stats, the Bucs should have a good day through the air. As long as they hang on to the ball and Aguayo stays true like he did against the Browns. The Buccaneers should be able to capture a win in the preseason finale. #SiegeTheDay