Teddy Bridgewater injured in practice.


teddy-bridgewater-practice-vikings-injuryTeddy Bridgewater went down grabbing his left knee in practice with a non-contact injury. Some say that his injury is serious, and could keep him out for an extended period of time. The injury sustained by Bridgewater abruptly ended practice after only being 30 mins in. Those that were on scene say that Viking players freaked out and began praying for Bridgewater. That goes to show the love and respect they have for their QB.

Bridgewater was removed from practice via Ambulance, which is another indication of the extent of his injury. Although Bridgewater threw only 14 TD’s last season, his importance to the team is evident, not only as a playmaker but as a leader. If Bridgewater is to be out, the Vikings will be in for a long tough season.