Cowboys wealthiest NFL franchise; why can’t they win?


dallas-cowboysThe New York Yankees have the highest franchise value in all of the baseball. In fact, they have since 1998 when FORBES first started valuing sports teams. In the last 20 years, the Yankees have been to the post season 18 times and have been crowned World Series Champions five times. I guess you could say when you have the money to buy the talent, you do so.

So what’s the Dallas Cowboys excuse? Forbes recently released that the Dallas franchise is worth over FOUR BILLION (with a B) dollars and is not only the richest franchise in the NFL but in all of sports. In the last 20 years since their Super Bowl Victory over the Steelers in 1996, the Cowboys have reached the Wild Card round just 11 times. Only three of which games were won. In the divisional playoffs, the team is 0-3 since 1996.

Often crowned ‘Americas Team’ there sure isn’t a whole lot of winning going on there.