Are you losing faith yet?


tp_385874_shad_44_bucs09151_16653348_8colHow super excited about this year’s Buccaneers team were you? Everyone I know, who is a Bucs fan, were very excited about the 2016 Bucs! I mean hey, a great young QB. A once in a generation new kicker. A new head coach who did wonders with our offense last season. A couple young defensive players that were supposed to make a huge impact. A couple vets on defense and an offense that set records last year. A GM who seemingly has pulled off some decent moves…seemingly. I mean come on! Even the national media were predicting the Bucs to challenge for a playoff spot.

The reality after three games is this one. The Bucs have gone backward and not forward as everyone expected them to. How so? Let me just simply list a few.


A QB who has regressed both in his play and mechanically speaking.
A defense which lacks depth at all positions.
An offense that has seemed to have lost its way.
A kicker that…oh never mind! Its like beating a dead horse.
Lack of a running game.
Virtually no depth at any position.
Coaching that can’t put together a 2-minute drill or manage the clock properly.
A GM who even with huge cap space managed to not sign any defensive tackle or safety help.
A GM that didn’t draft DT or safety help but instead gave up picks to draft a kicker
Curse of the second rounder. Has anyone seen Noah Spence this season? Aguayo…again never mind!


The question still stands. Are you losing faith?

Faith in the GM to draft players, free agent moves and make the right decisions to build Tampa a winner? Faith that the Glazers are fully invested in this team?
Faith that Winston is the franchise QB we all think he can be?
Faith that we have the Head Coach in place that can turn this around?

Take it from a lifetime Bucs fan. It’s hard to say YES to all those questions and it hurts to think NO, we don’t.

The loss to Denver was expected but I for one expected a hard fought close game. This game shows exactly how far away the Bucs really are from competing for a championship. I mean come on, this is Manning we got shredded by! Pretty sure that was Manning right? Not some rookie QB, now that would be laughable. Right?

Lifetime Bucs fan who remain loyal and bleed Pewter and Red. I feel for you. I am one! Let’s hope this gets better soon. It’s difficult but we must keep the faith! What other choice do we have?