The Buccaneers Backfield Situation


The Newest Backfield Situation:

After Jacquizz Rodgers’ out of nowhere performance on Monday Night Football, becoming only the 12th player since 2006 with 30 carries and 5 receptions in a game, putting the Bucs in a particularly interesting position regarding who to keep in the future.

It didn’t take a keen football eye to see that Sims looked terrible by himself as Dirk Koetter’s feature back and Rodgers looked fresh, decisive, and comfortable in this system. The question soon will become, keep Sims or Rodgers?

Sims, 26, is in year three of his four-year rookie deal of $3.1 mil with a cap hit of $836k in 2016 and becomes a free agent in 2018 while Rodgers, also 26 and a five-year vet, signed a one-year deal for $760k.

If Rodgers continues to play well in spot or spell situations for Martin in 2016, it could create a situation where Sims could be expendable. It used to be if you were injured, you wouldn’t lose your job but that rule has disappeared in pro sports and Sims could prove to be nice trade bait next offseason betting that the will be looking for a good size deal in 2018 and likely not a Buccaneer. Of course, the flipside is we keep Sims one more season and try to capitalise on his outstanding pass catching abilities while spelling for Martin and repeat that 2015 performance when both backs had more than 1,000 yds from scrimmage each.

However Jason Licht and the Bucs approach this situation, it’s a good problem to have. Go Bucs!