3-0 in the NFC south


3-0 in the NFC south, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a huge game on Thursday night, against a division rival and leaders the Atlanta Falcons. It will be another chance for Tampa to redeem themselves and get the win at Ray Jay, not only for themselves but for the fans. 

If Tampa wins, it will be a much-needed morale boost. Most think this game is going to be a loss, citing the fact we’ve lost many of our home games this season, and just were handed one, on Sunday. However, in week one, the Buccaneers rose to the occasion and left Atlanta with a win. Jameis threw for four touchdowns and I hope he can do the same tomorrow night. Both teams are different than they were in week one, but both teams have had their fair share of struggles, and manage to overcome them, to an extent. I would not chalk this game up as a loss, and if you are a die-hard fan that should not even be a part of your thought process. We had the chance to defend the Bay, on multiple occasions this season, but none are of more importance than tomorrow night. Hopefully, we win on Thursday and further our efforts in the sieging of our division.