Don’t get comfortable, yet, Knile Davis



Knile Davis could be in for an NFL tour. His tour began with Davis being traded by the Chiefs, in mid-October, to the Green Bay packers. The Packers were in need of a running back considering their featured back, Eddie Lacey, fell victim to injury. Green Bay quickly came off a late round draft pick for Davis, however, they were not forced to actually give the Chiefs the draft pick, because Davis was not on the Packers roster long enough. The Packers waived him earlier this week.

Davis was picked up by the New York Jets on November the first, but within hours of being signed, he had been released once more. The New York Jets had been entertaining C.J. Spiller, for quite some time, but could not get a contract completed. However, within a couple of hours of claiming Kniles Davis off of waivers, Spiller agreed to terms with the Jets.

Once again, Knile Davis is without a team to call his own, but that could change rather quickly with all of the injuries that have plagued NFL running backs, this season. One example of such a  team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had lost three running backs so far this season but had recently picked up Antone Smith and Mike James. Although Tampa has a few running backs on the roster and this idea is purely speculative, but in my beliefKnile Davis could be a nice fit as a Buccaneers back, and it could be a move Tampa fans could get behind.