Bucs vs Bears an ugly winnable game


The Buccaneers secondary look as if they couldn’t even stop a high powered high school offense vs a Bears defense who only looked good against a struggling Vikings offense. I like our odds in this ugly game. Tampa has only won 3 times in the last 18 home games, but the odds of a win on Sunday, although not high, is still probable. Martins return would help relieve some pressure off of Jameis and allow for more deep passes to our touchdown aficionado, Mike Evans.

Jay Cutler is back for the Bears and along with stud rookie running back Jordan Howard, who can catch and run, will likely utilize the screen often to thwart the Bucs defensive schemes. The threat of Jordan Howard is real but so is that of Alshon Jeffery who will try to take advantage of every opportunity given.

The Buccaneers pass rush will be key in stopping Howard, and in disrupting the chemistry between Cutler and his receivers. A task that will be easier than that of the one we were faced with in San Fransico.

As the injured Bucs player begin to regain their health, this team will be a different team than they have been in the last few games. One Analyst believes that the Bears are so bad that game could be a blowout. If all things click for Tampa then I believe it will end with Tampa victorious and the score 34-17. What a boost of morale for our Buccaneers as they head into the tougher half of their schedule.