Gerald McCoy will be ready to rock in San Diego


After the awesomeness that was the Seahawks vs Bucs last week, Gerald McCoy was seen walking around in a boot and that had fans a little uneasy. However, GMAC stated on Sirius XM radio that he will be in San Diego and ready to rock. We certainly hope so. GMAC doesn’t just lead our team in sacks this year, but his mere presence on the field opens up opportunities for other line guys to make big plays. S0, of course, he is going to play and whether or not he’s hurt, he will be out there playing his ass off.

I’ve seen many Bucs fans on social media complaining about GMAC and citing the only negative stat that rings true. Yes, he is injured quite often. But he has played injured over and over again and last year he played injured when most would have ridden the pine. Not only is he a beast he is a determined one, full of talent, and is a disruptive force on the front lines. There is no QB in the league that comes up against Tampa that is not thinking about Gerald McCoy while he is on the field. But most, instead of backing up their best defensive tackle, rather argue the value of his contract. (YAWN)

Whether you hate Gerald McCoy or you love him, only a fool would deny what his presence on the field alone brings to the table. When he is suited up and on the field, he is arguably the best defensive tackle in football. I apologize to anyone who thinks differently. Gerald McCoy will certainly be on Phillip Rivers’ mind all day Sunday, as it should be. That little ankle twinge, or whatever it was that had him walking in that boot, will not keep him away from playing with his brothers. No way in hell. Not Gerald McCoy.

The defensive line has been clicking as of late, and in the past three games, they have combined for 10 sacks which is 4th in the NFL for that time frame. A side note: The defense, as a whole, has allowed opponents the lowest passer rating in the league and the front line has a lot to do with that fact, as the pressure, they put on the opposing QB, allows little time for passing plays to develop. So, I definitely cannot wait until GMAC and the boys get into that backfield and drop Phillip Rivers a few times, keeping him confused, and forcing him into making mistakes.