Hargreaves had a hand in both Bucs interceptions Sunday.


Vernon Hargreaves may not have his own interception this year, but he has had a hand in helping other Bucs defenders collect a few of their own. In the third quarter against San Diego, the Chargers attempted a quick slant pass to Tyrell Williams. Vernon Hargreaves made a play on the football resulting in a tipped pass that was caught by Lavonte David and taking back for six points. 

Later in the contest, with 3 minutes remaining, Hargreaves sniffed out the offense’s play and warned the safeties that a deep pass play was coming. Hargreaves insight to the play gave safety Keith Tandy enough heads up to make the interception and seal the Chargers’ fate. 


Hargreaves is progressing a fast pace, and hopefully, he will be rewarded with an interception of his own. Next week would be perfect.