There is still a chance for Tampa to make the playoffs but the odds are against us.


Tampa lost to the Cowboys and then lost to the Saints, on Christmas Eve, ending all Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans hopes of a playoff. But that really isn’t true. The Buccaneers head into week 17 slightly behind the Packers and the Redskins in the race for that final wild card spot. The odds are not in our favor.

If Tampa beats the Panthers next week, the Lions beat the Packers in week 17 and the Redskins tie the Giants, then Tampa would win the tiebreaker and be in the playoffs. But that scenario all starts with Tampa beating the Panthers.

If the Lions lose to the Cowboys Monday night, the Jaguars lose to the Colts, the Eagles to the Cowboys, and the Texans lose to the Titans, the Chiefs beat the Broncos, which they did, and the 49ers beat the Seahawks, then Tampa jumps the Packers in the race for the wildcard.  If even one game in this scenario does not go Tampa’s way then we lose any tie based on strength of schedule. The odds of this happening are 60,000:1. Roughly.