How deep is Doug Martin’s healthy scratch?


Dirk Koetter decided to head into the Saints game without Doug Martin, and that left many fans scratching their heads. Ironically, head coach Koetter calls the decision to inactivate Doug Martin a “healthy scratch.”

The move to “scratch” a healthy Martin left fans questioning whether or not that this could be the end for the running back in Tampa. The fact that he had received a large contract during the offseason and did not live up to it, as many fans so eloquently put it, puts a definite question mark on Martin’s future here in the Bay. I for one don’t see Martin going anywhere. He is quite the expensive venture now. However, with the way Jacquizz Rodgers performed this year, I definitely see the door opened for him to take over as the featured back. I honestly don’t think fans will argue too much about that.

Koetter will not comment on anyone’s future with the team at this point, he has a game to win on Sunday but I’m sure it will be a regular question during every interview.