If the rumors are true…


The Jacksonville Jaguars fired their head coach Gus Bradley, and it is no secret that Mike Smith is the perfect candidate for his replacement. Smith has neither confirmed or denied any rumor that he will be the Jags new HC in 2017, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that this will be a likely scenario. 

If Mike Smith does leave Tampa to become the Jags new head coach, who would replace him as the Buccaneers Defensive coordinator? Some say Jay Hayes would be promoted, and personally, I have no quarrel with that. In fact, I like that idea. But there is a proven Defensive coordinator coming available as a free agent and I am pretty sure Tampa would love to get their hands on him. Wade Phillips.

Wade Phillips contract is about to end, and Phillips who is getting up there in age at 70, is not showing any signs that his age is slowing him down. He has a lot of football time left in him. The Broncos will not likely let Phillips go but if they do, there be a ton of teams contacting him. I think Tampa should definitely be watching this very closely.