AP wants to stay in Minnesota but wouldn’t mind considering, the Texans, the Bucs, or the Giants as possible landing spots.


The Minnesota Vikings are faced with a serious dilemma, whether or not to pick up the $17 million left on Adrian Peterson’s contract. The Vikings can cut AP and use that large sum of money to pick up players in FA or they could negotiate a more desirable contract for the team.

AP is still under contract but has stated that if he were to leave Minnesota, he has a few teams in mind that he would like to play for. The Houston Texans are one of those teams that make sense considering that AP grew up relatively close to Houston; However, the Buccaneers and the Giants are two teams that AP considers having good defenses and a good possibility of winning a championship. Although, he did say he would stop right there because he is just throwing out random names.

Either way, as of right now, Peterson see’s himself continuing out his career in a Vikings’ uniform. At least he hopes.