Caviar wishes and defensive line dreams.


With the 2016 season only one game away from ending,  most Bucs fans are talking 2017 Draft and many had been doing so for months. The main reason I do not get too carried or put too much faith in mock drafts is because they change and they change a lot mainly due to free agency.

The Bucs have a mountain of cash and surely Jason Licht, at some point, has pulled a Scrooge McDuck. Why not? You are swimming in the Benjamins after all. I would like to tell you of one free agent, I personally would love for Tampa to get their hands on and that is Jason Pierre-Paul.

Now is the time for Tampa to put together a Super Bowl caliber defense together. Now is the time that Gerald McCoy gets the help he needs and deserves. JPP may have lost some fingers, which many like to point out, but his legs are what get him to the quarterback so quickly. If anyone had watched the Texans vs Patriots divisional matchup this past season, you can easily see that there is no substitution for a defense that can rattle the quarterback.

Tampa has a star in the making with Noah Spence but why not add another star DE to help in Spence’s development? I cannot even put into words the great joy I receive in fantasizing about the possibility of being able to witness the greatness that could be with Noah Spence,  Gerald McCoy, Robert Ayers, and JPP on the field at the same time with Lavonte David coming in for the blitz. That is the type of stuff that keeps an offensive coordinator up all night long.

Although getting JPP is a long shot it would be nice, and if we cannot get him or a player like him in the free agency, it is most certain to be addressed in the upcoming draft. Smitty will make damn sure that our 2017 defense is locked and fully loaded.