Is the NFC South the best division in football?


The NFC South has not been looked at as a powerhouse division over the years, nor has it been given much of a thought other than from the fans of the team’s that reside there. But there is one thing the NFC South has accomplished that no other division has done since the NFL’s divisional re-alignment in 2002, and that’s to have all four of its teams make it to a Super Bowl.

In 2002 the Buccaneers put an exclamation point on the division by winning the first Super Bowl, post re-alignment, and 8 years later the Saints put their two cents in by winning one. The Panthers and the Falcons neither have a Super Bowl Trophy yet, but the Panthers did make it to the big game in 2004, when they lost to Patriots, and 2015 where they lost to the Broncos. Now the Falcons have placed the NFC South in the history books. Maybe they can walk away with a Super Bowl trophy in February and begin a trek towards another historical moment if the Panthers can manage to win themselves a trophy.