My 2 Bullion: Shoring Up The O-line


Alright Buc Nuts, let’s talk about our offensive line. To say the least the Bucs O-line struggled this year. Is it talent, coaching or all the above? I am not being Danny-downer, but this needs to be addressed. Here are some stats to chew on; Jameis was hit 109 times in 2016 averaging 6.8 times per game. If Jameis was not an elusive quarterback, those numbers would soar. Furthermore, we had just eight rushing touchdowns that averaged 3.6 yards per carry. Not to mention 35 sacks allowed last season. If I do not have a possible solution, I am just shedding a tear in my adult beverage.

We must draft -draft horses (sorry for the pun). I believe we should pick up Garrett Bolles, out of Utah, or Ryan Ramcyzk, out of Wisconsin in the first round. Ramcyzk is coming off hip surgery and is a bit of a gamble. If both are healthy, they can start day one and transition to the blindside tackle in a very short period of time.

But that’s just My 2 Bullion

Next time, I will explore free agent O-linemen.