Forrest Lamp should be on Tampa’s mind during the draft.


Forrest Lamp is a young man with HUGE talent from a small school. Just ask everyone that he has faced in the last three years, including Alabama and LSU. Particularly the last two where he has yet to surrender a quarterback sack.

Lamp has got the rise to the top style similarly to now Bucs lineman Ali Marpet, following his senior season at Hobart College. He is measured at six feet four inches and three hundred pounds, (according to WKU football page), plays left tackle, were some thinks he can succeed, but many think he will be better suited at guard. He is also quick footed and has a mean streak.

With Smith’s struggles at left tackle, it would be interesting to see what the Bucs will do of they sign him and how they will prepare him for the future. Lamp could be a nice pick in the first round to solidify the front line, considering he is agile enough to play tackle at the NFL level, but also strong enough to play inside at guard or center.

With Joe Hawley and Evan Smith getting up in age and expiring contracts, a Sweezy-Lamp-Marpet lineup would be a nice and solidify a young talented core for the Bucs to build around. Lamp should be on the Bucs board for this upcoming draft.

Lamp should be on the Bucs board for this upcoming draft.