The End for Brown in Pittsburgh?


There have been rumors ever since Ben Roethlisberger has mentioned that he doesn’t know if next year is guaranteed for him as an NFL quarterback. If he decides to hang it up, which is highly unlikely, should Tampa make a push for Antonio Brown?

Do we have enough to push a deal across the table to Pittsburgh in order to make them dump their star wide receiver? It would be like the days when everyone fantasized about seeing Randy Moss and Terrell Owens on the same team.

The Number 19 Overall Pick, Doug Martin, and a future pick for Antonio Brown.

Not only would it solve our wide receiving issues, but it would help to push us towards being a top ranking offensive team.

Brown has never been a problematic teammate and I don’t know how serious the Steelers would be to move him, but he has a lot left to offer the league and would look great in a Tampa uniform. Go Bucs!