Jameis Winston: Next Stop, Super Bowl?


One thing no one can deny about Jameis Winston is that he is a winner. He came into the NFL with a record of 40-2 dating back to his high school days and days at FSU.

He has since then come on to a Buccaneer that went 4-12 before they drafted him and has put together two great seasons with one over.500 and just barely missed the playoffs this year. He might not be the most athletic, he might not have the best arm, nor have the best stats as far as interceptions, but he brings a swagger to a team that can’t be coached. It is well documented that teammates feed off of his confidence and leadership.

NFL experts are starting to take notice and he has a fan in former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who selected Winston when asked who he thought would be the next quarterback to reach the Super Bowl on the Mike and Mike show.

As Bucs fans, we can All agree it is nice to be back on the map again. The Bucs are only a few pieces away from making the Super Bowl a reality.