The No Fan League


The NFL has decided that it would be against NFL rules to allow the Super Bowl to be broadcasted in the Georgia Dome. This doesn’t surprise most, as we constantly hear from ex-players and current players that it is a business. This business is only as strong as the fans who scrape together the necessary money to pay for the outrageously priced tickets and food. When a fan has to pay almost $10.00 for a beer/soda, $9.00 for a hot dog, and who knows how much for the tickets shouldn’t the NFL be a little bit compassionate? The answer is NO.

The Georgia Dome is the ex-home to the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL is worried about the television ratings not being as high if people gather at the stadium. The Super Bowl always has high ratings, as it is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States. Also, isn’t fans getting together and rooting for their team what sports is all about? The NFL should be ashamed of itself not allowing people to watch the most important game at the Georgia Dome.

Major League Baseball, NCAA, and the NBA all allow it. The World Series broadcast went back and forth showing fans at the stadium watching the games when the Indians or Cubs were on the road. People enjoy seeing the reactions of thousands of people going crazy over their teams. It makes zero sense for the NFL not to allow fans to watch at the Dome. The NFL needs to stop thinking with their wallets and start thinking about their fans because without us they don’t have a product.