Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers preached this season, that this is a brotherhood and a family. One of the family members had gone astray and therefore, his future with the team is in limbo. With that being said, many fans are calling for his replacement, while many are begging that he be forgiven. Family matters and decisions based on such are difficult measures that no one really wants to be faced with.

Regardless of what will ensue, there is no question to the fact that drafting new young talent could be a breath of fresh air. Many fans are seeing Dalvin Cook as that fresh blast of cool, calming air that would bring excitement and fulfill a need. However, the likelihood that he will still be on the board when Tampa gets to their selection, is slim to none.

The later rounds have proven in the past to be an excellent area to catch a running back that has the receiving skills out of the backfield, such as those of Charles Sims and hard downhill running skills like that of Doug Martin.

Taking a peek into what I believe could be 4th through 7th round possibilities, I find that there could be guys who could fill the void left behind by Tampa’s wayward son, like Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon, Western Kentucky’s Anthony Wales, South Florida’s Marlon Mack, and NC State’s Matt Daynes.

These are just a few names that popped out at me and whether not the Bucs take that course of action, or simply keep our current workhorses, I do believe that these are logical options. Licht and Koetter have some hard decisions facing them ahead of the 2017 season, and business aside, it is the whole family thing that will make some of these decisions the most difficult.