Arian the Barbarian.


Another great NFL player called it quits this year in Arian Foster. Try to remember the Houston Texans Foster and not the Miami Dolphins. Foster retired in mid-season for the Dolphins due to his injuries and body not being able to function during the NFL season. The injuries were very significant to a running back, dealing mostly with his hamstrings and groin.

Foster leads the Texans in every rushing category for their franchise. He was an unstoppable force that was counted on by the Texans and also many fantasy football owners during his stint in the NFL. He retired at the age of 30, which is a good run for a position that takes a constant punishment. Foster played 8 seasons and was an undrafted rookie out of Tennessee. He finished his career with 6,500 rushing yards, 2,300 receiving yards, and a combined total of 78 touchdowns.

Will Foster be heading for the Hall of Fame? The numbers are certainly there to make the case for him. At this point, Foster is a 50/50 guy in the Hall of Fame. He wants to pursue a degree in physics now that he has extra time on his hands. Good luck with all of your future endeavors Arian Foster and have a great retirement. Go Bucs!