The Saga of Mike Vick


Remember when Michael Vick was the most dynamic player in the NFL? I do and the former Falcons, Eagles, Jets, and Steelers Quarterback is hanging up his cleats for good. He announced that 2016 he was hoping for one more chance at playing, but when the phone didn’t ring he faced what no athletes want to face…retirement. Michael Vick will be remembered as a dynamic player, but unfortunately, he will also be remembered for his off the field struggles.

During his time with the Falcons, Vick was a human highlight reel. He was on top of the world. He had the Michael Vick Experience Commercials and several other sponsorships. His game was even better than his acting skills. The man was a wrecking ball for an opposing defense. We all watched, hoping that the pocket would collapse so we could see him scramble. The defense was never safe turning their back to him. He threw 61 touchdowns and almost 12,000 yards in 6 seasons with the Falcons.

He then sat out for two years during his time spent in prison for dog fighting. When he was released from prison in 2009 the Eagles took a chance on Vick. Now how could someone who has been in prison for two years possibly be anything close to the guy we all saw in Atlanta? He just went on to throw for almost 10,000 yards and 57 touchdowns.

After his time in Philly where he played a majority of games with severe injuries he ended up with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a shell of a quarterback that we had all come to watch. He made watching the games fun for everyone, young and old. You will be missed Mr. Vick, but we all wish you a happy retirement.