New pilot for the Jets?


Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears have been a train wreck ever since he landed in Chicago in 2009. Cutler has never had the greatest reputation, but let’s face it the Bears have never had a great quarterback. Chicago needed Cutler and Cutler needed the Bears. They locked him up for 7 years worth roughly 126 million dollars in 2014. 54 million of that 126 million was guaranteed.

The problem with this picture is Cutler has been horrendous and the Bears haven’t been much better. The Bears are able to cut him now that the guaranteed money is off the table, but they would take a 2 million dollar hit on the cap. Is it worth dealing him or releasing him? Who is there to step in and take over for CutlerMatt Barkley?

So what is a logical destination for Cutler? One team that comes to mind really quick is the New York Jets. There are a couple old faces for him there with Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall. A reunion tour could be just what Cutler needs at this point, but the Jets are a team in ruins. They were a team, we thought could challenge the Patriots in the AFC, but the coaching crumbled as well as everything else with the Jets. The defense has always been there for the Jets. The off-season drama of Fitzpatrick didn’t help this season.

Although Cutler hasn’t been great in Chicago he was pretty reliable in Denver. It will be interesting what Chicago decides to do with him, but all signs point to a separation between the two. In Denver, he threw for 9,024 yards and 54 touchdowns in 3 years. Cutler in Chicago (keep in mind he has been there longer) has thrown for almost 23,000 yards and 154 touchdowns.

Maybe Cutler can bring some of his magic back to the Jets, but honestly, that is probably not going to happen. Go Bucs!