Window of Opportunity


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have until May 3rd to accept or decline the fifth-year option on Mike Evans contract. They are also allowed to talk contract extensions with their former first round pick. According to the new league agreement, decided in 2011, all first round selections are given a four-year contract that also has a mandatory fifth-year option clause. If the player is not given the fifth year option, between the player’s third and fourth year, then said player is to become an unrestricted free agent following his fourth season.

Mike becoming a UFA is not likely to happen, as he is one of six wide receivers in NFL history to begin his career with three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. Not only that but Evans is proving to be one of the best Buccaneers receivers they’ve ever had. He set the franchise record for most touchdowns (12) by a receiver in a single season during his rookie season, and then he tied it last season. The Bucs are not going to let him go. So I wouldn’t even worry about it.

According to Pewter Report, Evans is not worried about it either he is only worried about getting better and winning. As he and Beckham head into their second NFL contracts, their performances should create deals that will place them in the top tier of NFL receiver contracts. They certainly play at that level.