Eric Berry wants to stay in KC But does not want a franchise tag


Eric Berry has made it clear he wants to stay in KC but also let it be known that he does not want to play under a franchise tag. Berry wants to end his career as a Chief. He loves the team, his teammates, and he loves the city but is clear that he will not be comfortable playing under the franchise tag this upcoming season.

Similar to last year, Berry wanted a long-term contract from his beloved Chiefs. They were not able to come to an agreement so he reluctantly stayed under the franchise tag, in order to stay with the team he loves.The veteran safety wants the security that comes along with a long-term deal. The Chiefs are likely working to put together a deal that Berry will be happy with because it’s likely that Berry will not play under a franchise tag and could sit out longer than he did last season. Berry didn’t show up to camp until Aug 29th of 2016 in an attempt to deter KC from future franchise tagging.