The Baker Act.


One of our biggest needs this off-season is to find some safety help and someone, preferably, that has speed and can make plays.

There is an underrated safety in the upcoming draft that could be exactly the type of player we’re looking for at that position.

Washington safety Budda Baker has a good deal of quality teams looking for someone to play the free safety position and Baker brings the hustle, the athleticism, and the aggressive mentality you want in a safety. The versatility he’s shown is unbelievable. The way Baker attacks the line of scrimmage, tackles, and flocks to the ball is impressive. Also, he has corner skills like being capable of reading the quarterback and picking off passes. On top of all this, the icing on the cake is his intelligence.

The only knock on him is his size. Being 5 10″, 186 lbs and that could lead to mismatches against bigger receivers.

Baker is a potentially very solid safety option to add in our secondary and unless he shows elite skills in something at the combine on Pro Day he would be a day 2 pick starting right away. So, can’t really go wrong with that.

What do you think, guys? Can Baker help our safety need?